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I'm a big proponent of bike riding as much as possible, even though my poor bike looks like encino man right now due to the snow. Until I get to ride again, I do love this print I found at Design Public. ♥


emily :

love the print. love to ride my bike :)

Jillian :

LOVE this print. i really want to get a bike this summer :) xoxo jcd

Wendy :

I like it, too. Very cheery, it reminds me of spring. :)

magdalena viktoria :

so cute! :)

abigail oliveros :

this is an adorable print!!

I've never been to new york in the winter but I sure have gone there a lot when my grandmother use to live there in the summer. I miss visiting New York, and I was also amazed at how big the Statue of Libery was. Whenever we visited my grammy we use to always go to the park that faces the Statue of Liberty and spend our evening playing in the playground.


Ana Degenaar :

So cute! I love this print. Off to see more!
Happy Monday!

Pop Champagne :

cute print, I like riding bikes too, but summer here for bike weather is only like 3 months... then minus the summer storms, there's like 2 months you can actually ride a bike, sigh! I need to move lol

Kattia :

oooh I love!

How was the wedding my dears!! give us an update!

missing you

Karina Cifuentes :

Kati, the wedding was so sweet + amazing! Wish you were able to enjoy it with us. :) We'll try and get a few pics! xo

iheartkiwi :

A perfect Valentine for the bike lover in your life!

It's awesome! I love the color.

Pilar :

love the print, specially the minty green color. Hope the weather improves soon!

AbbieBabble :

Oh my goodness gracious, this is adorable. Even if it does remind me just how deep in snow my bike currently is, too!

jaclyn :

cute print! i used to ride my bike all around my college campus - now that those days are over this would be the perfect way to remind me of my bike riding days!

Noodles and Waffles : this print!

{lovely little things} :

Cute bike print!

Amanda Swann :

Adorable print!

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