Afternoon Craving: Chocolate-dipped Macaroons

I know I was just posting about bathing suit season (eek!), but don't these chocolate-dipped macaroons look delicious?

(Photos via Cookie and Kate)



These look so yummy! We have a little while til bathing suit weather, right?! I'm all over those cookies! xx

designchic :

Yum...they look delish!! I may have to put the bathing suit shopping off until I have a few of these!!

the southern hostess :

They look so good!

Chapstick Fanatic :

yes please!

Ella :

my absolute favorite treat!

House Mad :

Stop it! I need one to get me through this afternoon.

Heart Charlie :

These are my fav!! I used to make these almost once a week last summer, I became addicted ;) Choco covered anything really ;)

Claudia Cifuentes :

Heart Charlie, I'm with you. Choco or nutella covered anything always steals my heart too! :)

Wendy :

Yes, they look extremely delicious!

Salony :

These look more than delicious, mmm...

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