Miami Escapade

Hey sweet peeps! As promised on Monday, here are some of our Miami photos, in case you'd like to see. :)

The sisters + I grew up partially in Miami (the other part in New York), so the city has a special place in our hearts. Since we left about ten years ago, Miami has become a mecca for art, food + design so we love going back and discovering all the new places.

Don't be fooled by this photo. I'm actually afraid of heights so no, I'm not a standing on a precipice!

It's this ginormous window, that I love. This is actually my husband Alex's parents apartment that we were lucky enough to stay in on our own. It's right on the beach so we really got to live it up.

Our morning view. Yes, please!

Alex + the easy life.

Me, enjoying a beer. It was actually a bit chilly this day, but to me 60 degrees in Miami Beach beats New York 14 degrees any day.

Alex + more easy living.

Alex + I before our night out on the town. It's our self-timer photo which is why it came out a bit wonky. Don't you love those 10 seconds of running before the photo flashes?

Miami at night.

Alex + I enjoying one of many nights of eating and drinking. Just some of the places we went to that I highly recommend: Joe's Stone Crab for their famous Jumbo Crab Claws, Meat Market on Lincoln Road for the most amazing steakhouse experience. And finally, one of my new Miami favorites -- Sra. Martinez, to experience Michelle Bernstein's brilliance in the form of Spanish tapas.

After dining, we met up with friends at this Vitamin C party.

Food trucks have become insanely popular in Miami.

Me catching up with my high school bud, Mariana.

And finally, a trip to Miami wouldn't be complete without seeing some ravers do their thing at Grand Central.

What about you friends? Have any of you been to Miami? What are some of your favorite restaurants + places to visit? Any recommendations for the next visit? Karina is going next month so we'd love to hear your suggestions! xo


emily :

i've never been to miami but i hope to go someday soon. it looks so very lovely!

Claudia Cifuentes :

Emily, def try to add to your list. Especially as a fellow foodie, your tummy will thank you for it. :)

Jillian :

i havent been to miami either, but it is on my to-visit list! i think it would be a fun place to go with the girls (perhaps on a bachelorette weekend!?) glad you guys had a lovely time! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

Karina Cifuentes :

You and Mariana are too cute! Can't wait to go next month. Suggestions noted. :)

nadia :

I've been to Miami once with my family, but too young to enjoy it like I'd enjoy it now! hehe

Beautiful photos! How lucky to be right on the beach!

xo Nadia

Claudia Cifuentes :

Thanks Nadia!

Jillian - it's the perfect place for a Bachelorette party! Like Vegas only cooler. :)


Miami is one of my fave cities! SO much good energy and fashion, of course. Looks like you had a fabulous time girl! xo

Whimsy Being :

Love your pictures! I've never been to Miami, but it's definitely on the list! Have a great trip :)

Noelle at Gray Paint Decor :

Looks like such a fun getaway! xo

Fashion, Art and other fancies :

Ah, I adore Miami - reminds me of the Caribbean in more ways than one. It appears you were all in very good form - enjoying and savouring. Have a sweet weekend;-)

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon :

looks like you had a fabulous trip! it must have been great growing up in new york and miami - they seem like such contrasting (but equally fun) places!

Wendy :

The views from your in-laws apartment are incredible! I need to drive down to Miami more often. :)

House Mad :

Okay, I'm adding Miami to my list. Hope you had a ball.

Krystal :

gorgeous!!! that water is killin me. I would do anything to be on a beach!! Glad you had fun :)

Priscila Peters :

I need Vitamin C!!
I adore that dress(blue and black)and actually I my posted about this combination of colors.

Diana Mieczan :

So glad that you had fun..Those photos are soo pretty! Kisses, darling

Suite Henry :

Crazy beautiful photos!

Claudia Cifuentes :

Thanks Suite Henry! xo

rachelinaustin :

Wow! Looks like so much fun. So cool that you lived in New York and Miami growing up! <3

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