Have A Dreamy Weekend!

Clockwise from top left: VPL Liquid Jersey Bra; VPL Disjoin Bra; 3.1 Phillip Lim Printed Diamond Bralette; Clare Tough Bustier; Kiki De Montparnasse Camisole; La Perla Maison Silk Shorts; T by Alexander Wang; Stella McCartney Teddy; VPL Liquid Jersey Briefs; Araks Lily Teddy (center)

While my lovely sisters are basking in Miami sun and art, I'm here in New York bundling up for the chilly days that have greeted us. As a New Yorker and lover of pretty things, I'll admit it can be difficult to feel feminine while wearing layers upon layers of sweaters and puffy jackets that make me look like this. My solution to my sexy-less woes: wearing ultra-feminine under garments throughout the season that will keep me in touch with my lady side! The center Araks Lily Teddy has to be my favorite!

How do you treat yourself on those frumpy feeling days?

As always, some fun links from around the web!

Countdown to Black Swan starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis (Vanity Fair)

Crushing on a Young, Handsome Stephen Colbert (via NY Mag)

Keep holiday stress in check! (via Self)

How about a warm holiday? America's 10 Best Winter Beach Resorts (Budget Travel)

Wow. (Jak & Jil)

I want these beautiful illustrations! (via AnOther Magazine)

Have a lovely weekend. :) xoxo


Danielle :

A few things to be said here:

-Just reading that "holiday de-stress" article made me feel a bit calmer about the holidays.

-Stephen Colbert. Holy wow he's handsome. (Funny tidbit, he lives in my hometown. I ran into him once at a Starbucks -- at which point, my then-boyfriend started yelling (note: this was in maybe 2006) "It's Steve Carell! It's Steve Carell!" and I, horrified, kept whispering amongst this really loud outburst "no it's not..." It was awkward. And Stephen Colbert wouldn't even look at us. He just wanted his cappuccino.

-Cannot wait to see Black Swan. Making plans for either tonight or a matinee tomorrow. Natalie Portman and Darren Aronofsky.. it's just all of my favorite things combined. (Plus, I just remembered how funny that SNL Digital Short of Natalie Portan rapping was. http://www.hulu.com/watch/1404/saturday-night-live-snl-digital-short-natalie-raps)

Happy Friday!

Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Oh, my! That Colbert story is hilarious! But yes, he was totally dreamy. Who knew?

Let me know how Black Swan is! Have a great weekend, Danielle!

Dreaming of Palm Trees

Diana Mieczan :

I am planning to see Black Swan too and the VPL bra is so pretty! I like getting cute stuff like that for myself on those cold days:) Kisses

Wish you a relaxing weekend, darlings

Anonymous :

Hope you have a great weekend!

abigail oliveros :

hello there, I'm not such a fabulous pictures and unfortunately those pictures were not taken by me but by my friend Rebekah. She's very talented.

Also, I want to tell you about my very first EVER giveaway. I'll be giving coffee away to help support and fund raise our sister school in Sierra Leone, if you're interested please do drop by.

Serena P. :

Thank so much for your comment! YOur blog is so lovely, follow me if you want.

Whimsy Being :

Lovely under pieces! Wish I could have any one of these...

Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Abigail, what a great cause! I just entered on your blog. :)

Dreaming of Palm Trees

Angelica Ng :

Dreamy...and sexy! Well, when I feel frumpy, it's usually because my hair looks horrible. So what I do is go and wash my hair!


Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Angelica, I know the feeling! :)

Dreaming of Palm Trees

Signe :

Love that orange and turquoise one, it is so cute :)

Indie.Tea :

I know what you mean about not feeling as feminine in winter. Those Araks pieces are especially gorgeous, and I bet they'd make anyone feel just a little prettier.

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