Have A Dreamy Weekend!

I've returned from my Portland/Seattle trip, and I'm happy to report that both cities are as charming and cool as I thought they would be! Aside from the annoyance of weather delays, once we got into each city, we immediately fell in love with the landscape, and believe it or not, the rainy weather (it felt cozy :)) All in all, two great cities worth seeing.

In front of Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle.
Jumbo sized shrimp! Where's the cocktail sauce, please?
Shopping at Xtabay in Portland, where I bought this. (Thanks for the shop recommendation, Jen!)
Charlie eyeing some records in Portland (they have amazing record stores!)
Amazing Swedish breakfast at Broder in Portland.
We had fun with our Hipstamatic app. :)

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo


very married :

i kinda like the way the rain reflected the light in that pic!

Claudia Cifuentes :

that breakfast looks sooo good!

megferdaze :

your trip looks like it was very fun. i want to devour all of that shrimp looks so incredibly good. i hear ya about rainy weather nothing beats it i think. have a fantastic weekend!

Sara Szatmary :

As a Portlander who is originally from Seattle I have to say how honored I am that you enjoyed yourself!

Angelica Ng :

Ooo, shopping there looks like a lot of fun!


Jenny Morris :

LUCKY!!! i want to go to portland so bad!! it is my goal to make it there next summer :)


Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Shopping is so great in both cities! If airlines didn't charge an arm & a leg for checking bags, I would have brought back way more!


Kattia :

super cute both of you

Signe :

Looks like a fun trip and those shrimps look yummy!
And a freamy weekend to you as well :)

Whimsy Being :

Great pics of your trip! I've never been to Portland..dying to go!

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