Downtown Skating

How cool is that? The downtown W Hotel in New York has just installed an ice skating rink... next to their bar. So after a few rounds around the "cozy" rink (only 12 by 40!), you can warm up inside with some hot toddy's or chocolate martini's. :)

(Via New York Mag)


La Petite Anglaise :

If there are two things I LOVE it's a) hotel bars and b) ice skating. Whoever thought to combine them in a ultra chic downtown NY location is an absolute genius. X

Claudia Cifuentes :

Definitely! I think I may have to check it out. I just need to remember to drink AFTER skating. :)

Krystal :

I must find an iceskating place stat.

Katy :

Let the drunken skating carnage begin!

very married :

haha - i imagine there would be a lot of injuries if we mixed the order of those activities... :)

Danielle :

This is my dream date. Without a doubt.


Danielle :

OH - and another thing - I just read the New York Mag article... it's made from synthetic ice, which means it's a little bit tougher to skate on (it's more like skating on rubber, I think). Which I think will help ensure people don't totally careen off the side of the mini-rink. Good thing!


Katz NYC :

Yeah I read about that in some magazine where they compared this one with Standard hotel's rink. So cool we got all these options now for ice skating in the city. Although I've never done it during these 6 years here...

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