Santa baby...

Last week, Karina posted a great gift guide. But let's face it, the holidays aren't just about giving, they're about receiving too! :) So here are a few of my favorite things... (From top left:)

A great boot to get me through the winter in style.

A pug to warm my heart when Alex is away on business trips. (Darn, I wish our apartment was bigger or this cutie would be mine!)

A nautical t-shirt because I could wear a striped shirt every day. (Actually, I already do. :)

Mast Brothers Chocolates. Because I'm a sucker for great packaging + dark chocolate. ♥

Le Labo Candle. To feel fancy on special occasions or on any occasion!

Food & Wine Magazine subscription for endless inspiration in the kitchen.

An IPad. So I can download cool apps like the Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app.

Aviators. Always classic. (And I lost my cheap ones at Art Basel.)

Essie Nail Polish in Lollipop. To feel feminine all year round. xo


Krystal :

awwww I so hope you get your pug!!

Indie.Tea :

What a lovely list...I'd love a subscription to Food & Wine too.

Kattia :

i have the ipad it's amazing get it you'll never look back. changed my reading life!

Katy :

I a had a dog on my birthday list. I thought adding to my Christmas list might be pushing it a tad!

Mango Gal :

I love those boots!

Claudia Cifuentes :

Totally, Katy. A puppy + an ipad -- I should've called this my dream list. :)

caroline :

oh, you should get a pug! they don't need much space to sleep and eat. :)

and, if they get really excited, they'll just spin around in little circles.

our two changed our lives!

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