Happy Hour: Mojitos Miami Style

Since we are in Miami today, I thought it would be fitting for this week's Happy Hour cocktail to be a little more tropical than our recent fall theme ones. I present to you, the Mojito. This is probably Claudia's favorite drink and coincidentally, the signature cocktail at her wedding, which took place almost exactly a year ago right here in this lovely and warm city.

Although mojitos are typically made with rum, this is a recipe that uses tequila! I find tequila is actually just as mixable with a lot of cocktails, not just margaritas, and lately, I've been replacing vodka or gin based drinks with it and have been consistently pleased.

I encourage you to get creative with your drink mixing as well! You never know what you may end up liking.

3 parts Hornitos Premium Reposado Tequila
2 tsp sugar
6-8 mint leaves
Fill glass with club soda
1 lime, halved
Mint sprig for garnish

(Image via Chick n' Pastry)


La Petite Anglaise :

Thanks for your comment. I am son pleased you commented as now I have been introduced to your blog and love it! Have to say that this post makes me bitterly jealous as I am currently snowed in at my parents house in Sussex and desperately in need of a mojito! X


Design Elements :

I am snowed too :-) Remember beeing in Miami some years ago :-) Thanks for sharing. Hugs

Katy :

Mojito. THE best cocktail ever!

Signe :

This looks so yummy!
And a happy weekend to you :)

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