Cheers to a Dreamy New Year!

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Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of 2011?! I have a good feeling about this one and am excited to get it started. How about you? Any predictions or resolutions for the new year? As for me, I plan to work harder, save money, stop procrastinating, read better books and watch better movies. All pretty doable I think!

We know everyone will be toasting tonight with lots of bubbly so we'd love to share these very sexy champagne cocktails with you, which we found over on Huffington Post. The one pictured above, The Lanesborough, is a twist on the classic Mimosa so you can even enjoy it at your New Years Brunch.

The Lanesborough
.66 oz Grand Marnier
.66 oz Cranberry juice
.66 oz Passion fruit juice or puree
2 oz Moet Champagne
Garnish: Orange spiral twist
Glass: Flute
Preparation: Add Grand Marnier, cranberry juice, passion fruit juice or puree to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled champagne flute. Top with Moet Champagne and garnish with an orange spiral twist.

Hope everyone has a wonderful time tonight and a happy new year!

P.S. Check out one of the best New Years movies ever, 200 Cigarettes. ♥


Lynn :

now that supremely delicious looking cocktail needs to be in my hand at midnight perhaps! it looks awesome, cheers to you for 2011!!! i'm with you too on those resolutions, definitely do-able. ♥

Noelle at Gray Paint Decor :

That is a tasty looking drink! Might have to ring in the new year with it. Thanks!

Whimsy Being :

Happy New Year! Love this little cocktail concoction. I still need to see 200 Cigarettes... despite my love for Courtney Love, I haven't seen it. sigh.

Angelica Ng :

I have no resolutions really. I'm just looking forward to new opportunities, experiences, and skills. Happy New Years!

Katz NYC :

Happy New Year sisters! One day I'll host an awesome New Years party and make all fancy cocktails like these and pretty appetizers. One day...

Style, She Wrote :

Great blog and post! I love mimosas so one with a twist sounds delish to me! Happy New Year! xo style, she wrote

Brittany H. :

That cocktail sounds great! Though, I don't know where I would find passion fruit juice though.

I hope your New Year was fabulous!


Jenny Morris :

i also have a good feeling about this year! Hope you had a happy new year! One of these days im gonna mix that drink up!


jemina :

Thanks for the recipe my dear

Happy New Year

Wishing you Love & Happiness in 2011


Punctuation Mark :

have a great 2011 full of wonderful things and lots of success!

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