We're back...

Good morning, lovelies! We're back from sunny Miami, and it's snowing flurries today here in NYC -- talk about a rough transition! So it's going to be a bit trying for us today. Humpf. But while we get re-acclimated to the cold weather, we wanted to share a few photos from our trip, in case you'd like to see. Happy Monday xo!

Performance art, poolside, directed by very talented Israeli artist Orit Ben-Shitrit at Zoom Art Fair...

Brooklyn girls make it out to Art Basel...

Lisa Michelle and me doing some gallery hopping in the trendy Design District...

Art Basel. It was great to see everyone come out to support the arts...

One of our fave photographers, Ryan McGinley...

Elizabeth Peyton ♥...


Krystal :

Looks so fun!!! Welcome home though :)

Whimsy Being :

wow, looks like so much fun. I've been reading so much about it and i wish i could have gone :) love your photos

Claudia Cifuentes :

Thanks ladies! I'd been wanting to go for years and glad I finally got to go. really cool experience -- highly recommend for next year! xo


Wow, looks beautiful in Miami, beautiful photo's xox


style'n :

Welcome back to reality and snow right? We haven't gotten any snow yet in Boston. Love all your images-must have been great to have a girls weekend and appreciate some fine art!

Rhiannon Nicole :

Welcome home :) Looks like a super lovely weekend! xo

Diana Mieczan :

Welcome back...Looks like you girls had a blast:) Kisses and hugs and Happy cozy Monday:)

Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Welcome back, big sisters! Missed you guys!


Kattia :

wish I was there you guys look so cute!

Kimia Kline :

AH! that's so amazing you got to go to basel. if SF wasn't so far i would have been there in a second. elizabeth peyton is an alltime fave :)

Anonymous :

thank you for coming to orit's performance! xo -persis

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