Keller NY Debuts Spring/Summer '11 Collection

A few months ago, Karina and I had the pleasure of working with the very talented Celia Rowlson-Hall on a video we made for the fashion designer, Alexandra Grecco. We immediately knew that Celia was not only gorgeous and a great dancer and choreographer, but also incredibly intelligent, smart and creative. So as a director herself, it's no surprise that her latest video for Keller NY is all of that and more.

If you haven't already heard of Keller NY, definitely check out their site here. The best looking booties ever! Add to wish list.


Chapstick Fanatic :

ooh thanks for introducing me to keller! i love the cream linen shoes from the spring collection!

stop by and enter my christmas giveaway!

La Petite Anglaise :

Those are going straight on the wish list! Sadly my list is now so long my loved ones have refused to take any more Christmas requests. These little beauties may just have to be a present from me to me! X

Whimsy Being :

Ooh thanks for sharing this! I'm so in love with this video and those booties!

Diana Mieczan :

I adore those shoes...How amazing and the video is so cool too:) Happy Monday my dear

Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas!

Alisha :

Thanks for sharing. The video is amazing, and the boots i love.

Design Elements :

wonderful video. just added your blog to my blogroll.

S and O :

Lovely video I can see why you like her, so creative. My wish list just got longer :D

Carlene :

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing, and for the link.

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