Ugly Sweater T-Shirts

Next week my hubs, Alex, and I are attending an Ugly Sweater holiday party some friends of ours are throwing. In the spirit of the fete, I got Alex and I some seriously ugly sweaters this past weekend, at a thrift store in Miami. Mine has a sequined Christmas tree on it channeling my permed 4th grade teacher, and Alex's sweater would make Clark Griswold proud -- So obviously we can't wait to show them off.

So I was excited to see these cool ugly sweater t-shirts. Wouldn't you wanna rock one this holiday season? Shop: Vardagen

(Via swissmiss)


Katy :

Particularly love the bottom one. Bit jealous of your sequin jumper!

Ber. :

i actually liked these t-shirts haha
i would prefer a sweater like this, of course, but a tee isn't such a bad option!

kisses darling ♥

Claudia Cifuentes :

yeah katy, i'm excited about wearing the christmas tree sequins!

Alisha :

I like the jumpers.♥

Kimia Kline :

haha love this. and what an awesome idea for a party.

Whimsy Being :

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are always so much fun! You'll have to show us the ones you bought :) I don't have an ugly sweater, but I have a terribly ugly christmas vest which i break out every holiday :)

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