Happy Birthday, Papa Cifuentes!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Dad! I have to say, the three of us are incredibly lucky to have someone so cool and hip as our father. He has always been funny, thoughtful and an eternal optimist. He's taught us to always look on the bright side of things, give people the benefit of the doubt, give back to the community and work hard to achieve our goals. We are thankful for everything you do, Dad, and we hope you have a wonderful birthday!

We're celebrating with dinner tonight and I am making this for dessert.

Have a lovely weekend! ♥


Claudia Cifuentes :

Michelle, I love how you're looking at Dad in that photo of us as kids. So cute.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you!

Claudia Cifuentes :

Karina, you look really uncomfortable in that baby photo!

sonobruta :

Honestly your dad is amazing, so sweet and smart! Happy Birthday Mr. Cifuentes!!!
(i know you hate me calling you that...but old habits die hard)


Abbey :

You are all adorable!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Thanks, Abbey! We are huge fans of your blog!! ♥

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