Grilling Packets

Grilling has to be my favorite part of summer. And what I love doing the most is throwing a bunch of veggies (and maybe some seafood) and tightly packing them in aluminum foil with tons of seasoning. It's a healthy and delicious treat, and a total time saver! And I think something about the heat makes the food really absorb flavor. Just had to share that tip. ;)

Do you guys have any grilling specialties?

(photo via Self)


Melanie :

Oooh I wish I had a grill.. would this work on a dinky George Foreman in a tiny Brooklyn apartment? haha:)

xx, Melanie

Karina Cifuentes :

haha I won't say yes, Melanie! BUT I've used this trick with my oven, especially in the winter and on rainy days. :)

ChinkyGirLMeL :

OOoooh that looks good right about now. I have been craving for grilled yummies since the weekend. =)

Melissa Blake :

I haven't yet grilled this summer, and this post makes me want to!! :)

photohogger :

Indeedily! So quick and easy!

Wander.Lust :

Oooh I totally agree with your grilling recipe... I just love throwing a bunch of veggies, olive oil and some spices, so simple yet so delicious!

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