Have a dreamy weekend!

It's Friday! We're so excited to kick back and drink some icy cold lemonades in this blistering NY heat (it's 93 degrees today!) Is it hot in your neck of the woods? What do you guys do to cool down? 

As always, some links to get you thru this Friday. :)

Cute summer polka dot dress

For those in Brooklyn, McCarren Park Pool is officially open!

Cloud cutting boards

South African summer. Looks amazing. 

Wanted: Baggu drawstring purse

Cool modern house with sheep! 

Birds with arms. Creepy and fascinating. 

Journalist foot race after supreme court health care ruling. Crazy!

One of our all-time heroes, Nora Ephron, has passed away. She will always inspire us. Here is a love letter from her Goddaughter. 

Have a dreamy weekend, all!


Filip and Kristel :

Excellent picture. Acrobatic kissing.


Heather :

Sweet corn risotto sounds really delicious! Hope you're having a great summer xo

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