Head Scarf: Yay or Nay?

I have been eyeing some head scarfs lately. I could really use a few options this summer, especially for those windy beach days when my hair just loves to spaz out. Here's one I found on TopShop if you're feeling edgy and another option found on J. Crew. But remember, you can easily find great + affordable options at any vintage store. :)

How about you guys? Would you sport a head scarf? 


Mumbles :

Hi! Wow, it's been so long since I don't visit dreaming of palm trees (I've been sooo busy) and although I think I've already seen the new design of the blog, I'm saying it again: I love the new layout very very much!
About head scarfs, a big yay to those who look good with them, for example, that girl in the red dress look gorgeous. Although I think I would look awful :s


Karin :

Definitely a "Yay!". I just wish I knew how to wear one properly...I can never seem to get it on my head right. :)

size too small :

absolutely! i've been rocking one lately and l o v i n g it!

size too small :
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Brynn {chartreuse and a twist} :

a great BIG YES!!!!! I have a huge collection of silk scarves that I have collected from flea markets and vintage stores throughout the years. head scarves are a summer staple in my book :) XO brynn

Hogger and Co. :

My sister bought me one, and I love it as it actually stays put!

Erica :

I agree with Karin. I love the look, but have such a hard time pulling it off on myself.

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