Summer Must-Have: Round Sunglasses

After seeing this in the NYTimes, I want a pair of round sunglasses! It's a nice departure from the Ray-Ban Wayfarer which I usually sport on sunny days. Something about the round shape feels very classic + vintage. Very Katharine Hepburn. 

Here's a pricey option, and here's a less pricey option. And another for good measure:) 

Would you wear round?

(photos via NYTimes)


Brooklyn :

Yes! I've worn oversized, round sunglasses for a while and get so many compliments on them. I went with the cheap version (from Target) because I lose glasses like it's my part-time job, ha! :)

Knoopjes :

Do like them a lot, but the instant I put them on I look like a clown. Really. :)
Ps. Thank you for your visit & sweet comment!

La Mode Operandi :

I'd go round for sure! Cheeky and classic!

Ramona :

I think in 90's I had rouns sunnies. I was so loving them. Gosh, for about more than two years I'm looking for cool my perfect round sunnies. I have to admit it's hard to find them :(

xoxo Ra

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