Rooftop Grilling

Polish sausage on the grill. Yum. 
Cozy lights dress up our rooftop
Charlie queues up a movie on Netflix. We watched Trainspotting.
I man the grill for a bit. But only for a bit!
Grilled onions over mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette. Crazy tasty. 
Sausage and toasty French bread bought at the Farmers Market
Almost could see the sun go down, but this was still pretty awesome. :)
Graham Avenue starts to quiet down at dusk...

Now that summer is practically in full swing, Charlie and I have been on a grilling frenzy! It's so fun getting inventive with recipes -- we're always amazed at how much flavor comes out of grilling vs. stove top cooking. But the Polish sausage that Charlie buys in Greenpoint is hands down the best grilled meal yet. Another fave is grilling packets, which I've posted about before. Now that's a crowd pleaser! And recently, we've been watching movies on the ipad up on the roof too (frequently accompanied by a bottle of red wine. :) All in all, it's been a great way to kickoff the summer.

How about you guys? Any grilling faves?

(photos are my own.)


Brooklyn :

i was going to tell you all about how we grill veggies but i can't get over your rooftop! what a view - i'm jealous!!

Karina Cifuentes :

Thanks Brooklyn! Also, would love any grilling tips/recipes you might have. :)

Brooklyn Baby Social :

Thanks for the grilling tips. This looks like so much fun! And so delicious! We'll try making that grilled sandwich soon :) Love the photos, really pretty. xo

KB {Tragic and Lovely} :

Beautiful! Lucky to have a spot like that - I'm jealous. Looks like such fun!

The slow pace :

Oh, I love grilling! I'm not allowed to grill in my building, though. Crazy! :-(

Katie*Belle :

This looks like a perfect night! I love that you watched movies and drank wine up there too : )

luvvleighb :

I love grilling and rooftop grilling looks even better!!! My favorite grilling recipe is beer can chicken!!!

amybreckenridge :

karina, i just saw your sweet comment on my blog and i really appreciate it! :) it totally made my day and i will definitely be following you and your adventures now.

Karin :

This looks awesome! I spend every 4th of July on a rooftop in I can't wait til then. There's just something about grilling on rooftops in NYC... :)

Brigette Olmos-Arreola :

that looks like the perfect evening! i've been grilling pizzas, such great flavor and they don't make my kitchen hot and sweaty.

Karina Cifuentes :

Bridgette, I grill pizza on the grill too! Isn't it the most amazing thing ever!?

Hanna :

this sounds like such evening! and your rooftop looks a little bit like the one from the new girl bunch, doesn't it?

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