Have a dreamy weekend!

Woot, woot! Friday is officially here. The weather is climbing way up here in NYC and I'm ready to take a trip down to Far Rockaway and eat some fish tacos. :) Tonight, we might eat a juicy steak at St. Anselm (it was on the brain, as you can see) and tomorrow, I have a baby shower, which I'm so excited to go to. And Sunday will probably be a beach day!

How about you guys? What are your fun plans for the weekend? 

Link time!

We're making a movie. Want to support indie cinema? :)

The first woman to run the Boston marathon. What an amazing story! 

Just found this photo of Michael Jackson. Love.

The secrets to grilling steak. Gotta try this! 

Adorable + breezy summer dress. You could wear this everywhere.

Check out this awesome pink lake! Yes. Pink! 

Our friend and fellow lady director, Kristina Carucci just made this adorable video

Gorgeous bun! Want to try it. 

I started watching the documentary "El Bulli: Cooking in Progess" on Netflix. So far, it's awesome. 

A map of the U.S made out of frying pans. So cool!

PS - Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! And to our Dad, we love you

Have a dreamy weekend, all!

(photo via Jalanie Shop.)


La Mode Operandi :

ahmen to all of it!

Taylor Morgan :

My husband and I almost went to Far Rockaway today, but we decided to just lay out in Hoboken. We live downtown, but there is a really nice spot overlooking the city. We had a picnic. I love the tacos at rockaway though, they are delicious! :)



Punctuation Mark :

hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

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