Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Hello, lovelies! Did this week feel really long to everyone, despite the holiday on Monday, or is it just me? I'm glad it's finally the weekend! Although I'll be working a bit, I'm really looking forward to finding the time to bike to the park and catch up on some reading. A friend recently introduced me to this author, Etgar Karet, after we saw his movie Jellyfish. I loved the film, and am now reading The Girl on the Fridge, a collection of funny and quirky short stories. Perfect for reading under the sun! I so wish I could be this girl in the photo above.

What are your plans?

And now some fun links for your weekend!

Maria Cornejo + Mark Borthwick

Fan submitted artwork for Moonrise Kingdom (we can't wait to see this! Have you seen it yet?)

Looking for a good bronzer? Might have to try this one.

How to catch and cook a lobster this summer. Yum!

Hey, New Yorkers! Want to do some summer learning this summer? 3rd Ward has a really good deal right now for summer classes! I just enrolled in the Intro to the History of Modern Furniture. Should be pretty awesome.

Remember our Kickstarter campaign that we ran last month? Well, we're back at it again and offering the same cool rewards, including L*Space bikinis, and a limited edition Max Wanger print. Get 'em while you can!

Enjoy your weekend! ♥


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