Beauty Tip: The Hair Flip

Growing up, my mom taught me that if I flipped my hair forward and started brushing from the root outwards, my hair would become shinier. It has something to do with the natural oils in your hair and penetrating your roots so they become healthier. I have to admit, I still do this age-old beauty trick and I think it actually works for me! It may sound a little Marcia Brady, but sometimes the simplest beauty tricks are the best. 

How about you guys? Any beauty tricks your mom has passed down that you still use? 


Hogger and Co. :

Hahha, I know that trick!
My sister and I got the "coconut oil in your hair" trick, and when if my Mom's doing the hair massage, even better. So relaxing. Only downside, is the coconut oil smell, but it does make for healthier hair.

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