Have a Dreamy Weekend!

Photo of Guatemala via Quasebart.

Happy Friday, kiddies. I am super excited it's the weekend already. One of our fave cousins, Helena, is in town this week from Guatemala and we are really looking forward to showing her and her family around Brooklyn. We were planning to check out Park Slope and Prospect Park today, but given yesterday's tornadoes, not sure if that's still a good idea. I guess we can always go to Eataly instead!

Anyway, a little bit about our cousin: she is awesome and she always brings us amazing Guatemalan gifts. On this visit, she's brought us delicious coffee, table linens, and messenger bags. They are all so beautiful and I wish I had a better camera to show you everything, but instead I have just created a wish list of other Guatemalan goodies. It is seriously making me want to plan a trip down there soon!

Image via This Next.

Image via True Fair Trade.

Quilt by Priscilla Bianchi.

Have a lovely weekend! ♥


Platform :

Aw, I want to go too! That clutch is adorable.

I miss the homeland;)

sonobruta :

R U OK!!!?!

I've seen pics it looks a little crazy!

love you!
(oh this is about the tornado)

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Yeah, the tornadoes hit mostly Park Slope and some parts of Queens. We are okay! Just surprised that it even happened in NY... xoxo, love you!

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