Film: Going the Distance (2010)

All right, so I have something to admit. I am usually a bit hesitant to watch romantic comedies. Let alone actually pay to see them in the theater. It's not that I don't like them, I just find them hard to relate to. With a few exceptions, most of them are just filler films that are easy to swallow on rainy days.

However, when I saw the preview for Going the Distance, the new comedy directed by Nanette Burstein, I instinctually thought "this one is gonna be different." So after realizing Karina had the same sentiments, we decided to go see it on Sunday afternoon. And you know what? We loved it! It was cute, relatable, slightly raunchy and it was actually funny. Like laugh out loud and try to control yourself from giggling obnoxiously kind of funny. Justin Long is so likeable and Drew Barrymore is the kind of gal you want to be friends with. Or at least share a wardrobe with! Seriously, every outfit in this movie was so effortlessly chic. Good job wardrobe department! And of course, Karina and I loved the dynamic between Barrymore and Christina Applegate. Sometimes it's hard to get sibling relationships right on screen, and this movie nailed it on the head.

Have any of you seen it yet? Would love to know your thoughts! ♥


sonobruta :

Saw it!! It was funny!

"why don't we ever see baby pigeons in the city"!!

it was really cute!

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

I loved that actor, Charlie Day. So funny.

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