La La Land, Hollywood

Hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend! I'm back from a long, fun weekend in Los Angeles, visiting girlfriends, where I got to indulge in everything from amazing Korean crab soup at Ondal 2 to fancy cocktails at The Tar Pit to a fun West Hollywood pool party...

Here I am at the pool party with my friend, Faarnaz, doing our best Latina + Persian Malibu Barbie impressions...

And with my friend, Jenifour, at Cinespia...

But my favorite outing, hands down, was watching the film-noir film, Out of the Past at Cinespia. Locals bring elaborate picnics to the big open lawn of the Hollywood cemetery (don't worry, no graves!), while a DJ spins groovy tunes as everyone dines on the grass. Then around 8pm the film begins and you get to watch old Hollywood classics under the stars. It's such a great, unique experience. If you are visiting LA anytime soon, I highly recommend checking it out! Have a great short week, everyone! xo | Watch: Cinespia


this free bird :

I live in SoCal, but was away in Canada for the weekend. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Love your pictures!!


Anonymous :

I want to go to there!

Claudia Cifuentes :

thanks, this free bird! yeah, LA is such a fun city!

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