Have a dreamy weekend!...Under the Sea

When I first laid eyes on the sea inspired design collaboration between Vamoose and Fetie, it was no doubt, love at first sight. These ornate handmade jewelry and hairpiece designs are so luxe and feminine, they evoke the kind of old school elegance when all you needed was one good staple piece to tie an outfit together (à la Grace Kelly). What a wonderful coincidence, I need a good staple piece. ;)

And before I bid you farewell for the much-deserved long holiday weekend, here are some fun links!


This is unreal! Dancing Merengue Dog

Adoring interior design by Eric Cohler, via New York Social Diary

The cool oh-so cool styles of San Francisco, via NY Times

In memory of Corinne Day, who discovered Kate Moss, via Telegraph

So this is what dessert heaven looks like! Peach Shortbread, via Smitten Kitchen (must try this weekend!)

And ScarJo's cute bob. Tempting! via Elle Magazine.

Have a happy Labor Day!

(Images courtesy of The Vamoose)


helya :

These hairpieces are gorgeous. Will have to check it out now!

Platform :

Thanks for visiting, Helya!

I know. I adore these hairpieces! xoxo.

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