Have a Dreamy Weekend!

I found the above images on the Dace website, a clothing line with super cute women's wear. And aside from the clothes being totally shop worthy, I fell in love with these photos, which I think really capture the essence of fall.

On my to do list: escape to a cozy cabin upstate like the one above!

Also, here are some fun links to get you through this Friday. ;)

Cute girl has a catchy dance!

This is amazing: Oprah-fy Yourself!

6 80's movies dying for a sequel, courtesy of The Frisky

Adoring these Fendi sunglasses, courtesy of Vogue

Funny article on parenting: The Good Enough Baby, courtesy of The New Yorker

And you can never have too many taco restaurants!



Silver Strands :

Those photos truly are dreamy... they make me miss the rain! I am so, so ready for summer to be over.

Your blog is adorable, I'll definitely be back :)

Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Yes, I'm counting the days until a real fall day!

And thank you! :)


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