Feliz Dia Del Amigo!

Or Happy Friends Day! I know we don't really celebrate Friends Day here in the US, but maybe we should start? OK, I'll go first. I dedicate this post to Lisa Michelle, Karina, Miriam, Mariana, Charlotte, Anna, Faarnaz, Megan, Laura, Jenifour + all the beautiful lady friends in my life.... thank you for being great friends (and sisters), and for letting me lean on your shoulder from time to time. xoxoxo!

(Photo by Kirsten McKee)


Platform :

Aw. So cute.

char :

Tear. that's the nicest gift I've received in a long time! I needed that. love you! xxoo


Love you guys! Char, we received your handmade card yesterday -- It's beautiful! I'm going to post the cover this week. Too pretty not to share. xoxo!

Three Llamas :

love this post, that cute photo and YOU!

NazNaz :

I'm so lucky to have you in my life!! This was a very special dose of happiness!!! Missing you... oxoxx

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