Easy, Breezy...

I ♥ blogging for you all (especially for you, Three Llamas + sonobruta). And I wanted to thank you for stopping by these past two months since I've started blogging -- it's been incredibly fun sharing my randomness with you! But beginning next week, postings will become light. Whhhaaa... Other projects I am currently working on (which I hope to share with you in the near future) are beginning to demand more + more of my time so I need to scale back for a minute. Alex has sweetly offered to co-post with me, but something tells me you're not interested in reading about hot sauces, soccer + muay thai. (But thanks, babe, for offering!) But I will still occasionally post from time to time, so please feel free to continue to stop by.

Or if you'd like, you may subscribe to my RSS feed (the lovely Subscribe button to your right) so that you may receive updates when I update. Again, thank you for reading! xo!

(Photo by m o d e)


Three Llamas :

I am seriously bummed.

sonobruta :

Sad...but I'll check everyday anyway.


Lisa is now going to copost for August so definitely continue to stop by! xoxo!

Manus Lemone :

beautiful pic, love the blog!


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