Have a dreamy weekend: Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! This weekend Alex and I will be staying in town to organize all of our boxes, from our recent move, that are now barricading the front door of our apartment. But Monday is my birthday so my Mom is going to make my favorite food (steak tacos!), and invite the family over, so I will get to do a little celebrating then. Can't wait -- I ♥ my Mom's home cooking.

If you're in NYC, and looking for a little escape, last year Alex and I went to Little Captain Island in Greenwich, Connecticut, and I highly recommend it (see photos above.) It's only 45 minutes from Manhattan and perfect for a quick 4th of July weekend getaway. Visit: Little Captain Island

Have a great long weekend! Hope you get a good spot on the beach or meet someone cute at a party. ;) See you next week! When I'm 31! xo


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