Zara Film by Todd Selby

I just stumbled upon this great film for Zara shot by Todd Selby, of The Selby, featuring an interview with gallery owner, Lucy Chadwick. In it, Lucy wears all Zara clothing and looks absolutely gorgeous. She's eclectic and sophisticated and her apartment with hairstylist boyfriend Duffy is incredible (eyeing that teapot cameo at :55). I hope they continue this fashion inspiring series!

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Hogger and Co. :

Goodness, she is adorable. I'm still trying to find out what brand her glasses are!

Karina Cifuentes :

Isn't she? I'll let you know if I find out her glasses brand too!

La Mode Operandi :

My goodness, dont i know it! The red cape onto the red dress is so much of amazing!
I like the video that you posted. I too hope that they come out with more of these videos, its so insider!
ps: i love that french press, bulbous thing they have, so cool. I wonder who makes it?

Chapstick Fanatic :

i saw this a month or two ago and i love it! i hope they keep up these videos as well.

Hogger and Co. :

Her glasses are from Cutler and Gross - 0930 Grad Black!

Karina Cifuentes :

Thank you, Hogger!! You are GOOD!

Sister Shirley :

Really inspiring, what a wonderful life! I also hope they continue the series. So often I see interior design pics, or style pics, but I never get a sense of how these people are actually living. This film truly fills that gap.


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