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I've always declared myself a non-hat person. Unfortunately, the circumference of my head rarely allows me the good fortune of wearing cute hats. But recently, I discovered that a few good retailers cater to the larger head type and have perfect sizes for all. I just bought a great fit at Club Monoco, but recently found UK brand Christys' Hats, which I'm seriously considering buying.

How about you? Are you a hat person?

(photo via Tomboy Style)


La Mode Operandi :

I am a hat person for sure but every time I try on a hat I like, I always forget about my big head and either have to go a size up or no at all! Big headedness always creeps up on us at the most trying of times! haha!

Ana Degenaar :

I've been wanting those for a long while.

Anna @ IHOD :

That hat is fantastic. I would like to find a good summer one this year. Will have to check out Christys Hats.

Karina Cifuentes :

So glad I'm not alone on this one, La Mode!

Eliza Jane :

Love the new blog look!!
I'm a hat lover. Although I have a small head, and most hats tend to exaggerate that.....

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