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This morning, I was planning to blog about Apartment Therapy's new website design. But as I started playing around over there, you know what happened? I went down the rabbit hole that all you bloggers are familiar with, and I stumbled upon a post about a new modern vintage store, Ampersand Vintage. From there, I went to their own blog and eventually found this post about this amazing artist, Eva Zeisel. Have you heard of her? She was a big deal! And totally Dreamy Dame material: creative, talented, beautiful, and incredibly strong. I wish I had learned about her earlier.

Eva Zeisel was a Hungarian born ceramics artist and industrial designer who passed away last December at age 105. She worked up until she died, and was known for her award winning designs, prolific career, and fascinating life, including a 16 month period where she was imprisoned by the KGB who falsely accused her of plotting to assassinate Stalin. Can you imagine? Her life was very fascinating and inspiring indeed.

You can read more about her on her official website, on the blog where I first leaned about her, and on the Huffington Post. Hope you are as inspired by her as I am. 


La Mode Operandi :

Wow her ceramics are beautiful and so modern looking! I am very inspired indeed. It would be interesting to see what her possible journal knows that the public doesn't!

Ana Degenaar :


Suite Henry :

What a lovely body of work.

Gotta love strong women.

Meggan of Lila Grace :

Wow! What an interesting story!

Anonymous :

I've heard of her. She has such an amazing story. I think she was jailed for awhile too.

From Brooklyn with love,


Dancing Branflake :

Wow! What an incredible life she led!

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