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For those of you who are on Pinterest, you know how addicting it can be to peruse the Internet just searching for beautiful images to pin to your boards. It's incredibly fun to do, although I admit, a huge time sucker. But lately it's also been very helpful as I've been on the hunt for some home decor tips. I need to redo my bedroom but the tricky thing is that it's on the lower level and the amount of natural light is very limited. I do have a window that lets some light in, but it's not very much, especially in the winter. I've decided to embrace it though and make my room very cozy and warm. These images above are what I'm using for inspiration. Don't they make you just want to crawl back into bed?

How are your bedrooms decorated? Modern, vintage, romantic, traditional? Any favorite decor tips for low light that you'd like to share? I'd love to know! ♥

First photo via The Brick House 
Second photo via Megan Satterfield for Apartment Therapy 
Third photo via The Brick House
Fourth photo via The Aestate 


LaMonda :

soooo beautiful.
if you like we can follow each other.

Punctuation Mark :

i love that one with the chandelier... very cozy!

Hogger and Co. :

I really want an animal print rug like in the 2nd last photo.

MaviDeniz :

Ohh I love that last pic. I'm obsessed with exposed brick on a focal wall.


Eliza Jane :

I love these pictures! A friend of mine has a bedroom without much natural light. He put mirrors in strategic places on his walls, to help bounce the light around and make the place brighter.

Filip Demuinck :

The last bedroom is the most special one but it would not be my personal preference.


nadia :

I love these photos and I love pinterest! Will definitely look you up to follow!

{The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller :

I love the black accent wall in the first room!

Katie*Belle :

These rooms are fantastic! Now I want to go take a nap in one of them : )

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