Movie to Netflix: Match Point (2005)

So today I've been nodding off from staying up late with Alex, watching Match Point. Have you seen it? It's one of my favorite Woody Allen films. It's about a tennis instructor (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) who social climbs his way into England's high society, only to risk losing it all when he falls for a femme fatal (Scarlett Johansson) who happens to be engaged to his future brother-in-law. So good. I highly recommend adding it to your Netflix queue!

As hibernating season approaches I'm looking to watch more good films. Have you seen anything good lately you recommend? xo


Hogger and Co. :

I haven't seen it, but I want to see Allen's Midnight in Paris! Have you seen it?

Claudia Cifuentes :

Definitely see Midnight in Paris! if you can, in the theater! it was my fave film of 2011.

La Mode Operandi :

I love this movie too! I am always on the lookout for movies that display high fashion and high-society. Never mind the acting, I love the opulent scenery!

Zabrinah :

I CANNOT believe I've never seen this! Especially because I'm a sucker for Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I've seen a lot of his work.

*Adding this one to my netflix queue*

And also following you on Google Friend Connect!

We need more female filmmakers. Desperately.


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