Film: Newlyweds (2011)

If there's one thing my sisters and I appreciate, it's low-budget filmmaking. We are actually gearing up to shoot our own film this year and as we prep for it, we have been diligently watching every other successful independent film and mostly, researching how the filmmakers got their film financed. The truth is, most indie films take more than just blood, sweat and tears to make. There are practical costs like food for the cast and crew for example. And when you're looking at productions that require a few weeks of shooting, then those costs really add up. So we were utterly blown away when we saw the recently released, Newlyweds. Here is a story about a newly married couple and what happens to them when they realize that when you marry someone, you also inherit their family. And of course, no family is perfect, and in this story of Buzzy and Katie, they both happen to have sisters dealing with a lot of drama.

Newlyweds was written and directed by Edward Burns and most surprisingly, he shot the whole film for just $9,000! This seems like the best allocation of money we've seen in a long time. It was a three person crew, the actors all wore their own clothes and did their own hair and makeup... it was definitely a "passion project," but what I think is so cool is that the film proves you don't need fancy special effects or 3D to make a good film. This story is actually really realistic and if you're a fan of Woody Allen, I think you'll appreciate what Ed Burns is trying to do here. I'm into it. And you should check it out too. The movie is currently available on iTunes. Would love to hear what you think! ♥


mikky :

Super interesting! Can`t believe they shot an entire movie for $9,000. I`m going to have to check it out. Wonder how much money they have made on it so far.


Stephanie :

I'm very interested in this. I love indie films. There so much more of a focus on the story and the acting, rather than special effects. Good luck with your film!!

La Mode Operandi :

Cool! I would be excited to see the movie you and your sisters are working on!

Jessica :

amazing that they made it for cheap and the quality&content don't seem to have been compromised at all! i really want to see this

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