Have a dreamy weekend!

It's Friday! It's my first week back from my stay-cation in New York and it went by in a flash. I can't wait to kickoff my weekend though, starting tonight with Charlie playing a show at Fontanas, a hip bar downtown. Then, tomorrow, our dear friend Kati of San Francisco My Song (and her new husband, Owen:) are having a comeback dinner party hosted by our other newlywed friends, Maria + Mona, who have a gorgeous home that feels like you're in the cabin of a boat. I'll try to snag a few photos with my new Canon 60d (so excited to start using it!)

How about you guys? Any exciting weekend plans?

And a few links from around the Web...

Jane Birkin style secrets.

Avocado pasta. Would you try it?

Renault art cars! It would be so cool to own one!

Gorgeous fashion film by Pierre Debusschere.

For those curious about Lucy Chadicks glasses feat. in my Wednesday post, they're by Cutler & Gross. Thank you, Hogger & Co.!

Q+A with my new favorite comedy duo, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia.

Claire Thomas (of The Kitchy Kitchen) knows her pizza. :)

(Woody Allen photo via Pinterest)


rachel renner :

Ooh that is so exciting to have a new camera--congratulations!! I have a Canon DSLR but it is pretty old so it doesn't take video. (I have considered upgrading just to have the option.)

Happy weekend to you and your camera. I hope you guys get some good shots. ;)

Miss Amy :

mmmm avocado pasta!! :)

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