Have a dreamy (designy) weekend!

Hello sweet peeps! It's Claudia, the oldest of the three sisters here. I'm very excited to be posting today since it's been aaaages. How have you all been?

I've been quite busy with work and a move (le sigh!). For those still getting to know us, Lisa Michelle and Karina both live in hip Williamsburg, Brooklyn, while I live a few minutes away in Manhattan with my husband, Alex.

We recently moved from the East Village into a charming pre-war apartment in Chelsea. This weekend we'll be rolling up our sleeves, and unpacking the last of the boxes. I'm also hoping to decorate. I already got started with the frame wall above (that's Alex and me, bottom left, on our wedding day :). I'm obsessed by frame walls.

How about you, peeps? Working on any design projects this weekend? Hope it's productive! :)

Now, some fun links for your Friday...

New York home design for small apartments (Thanks, Megan!)

Jennifer Aniston's Hipster Evolution (funny.)

Topshop Tumblr, I love you

Martha Marcy May Marlene
- I watched an early screening Wednesday. Kinda intense but amazing. Opens today in NYC. Highly recommend.

Inspiring video - Elle's Women in Hollywood

For my vegetarian friends, I made this last night and it was quite yummy!

Halloween - Get into the tasty spirit with Martha

And lastly, our pumpkin carving party last year :)

Have a dreamy weekend! xo!


Karina Cifuentes :

I'd like to be friends with Barbra Steisand.

Krystal :

i hope you share pics of the apartment, that sounds awesome!

Miss Amy :

I'm having a pumpkin carving party tomorrow for my sister's birthday - thanks for the link to your last year! :)

Sarah @ Pencil Skirts and Lattes :

Loved these links!! The Topshop tumblr was dangerous, but the veggie parmesan looks amazing!

Have a fab week, dolls!

Claudia Cifuentes :

Miss Amy, hope you share photos! I bummed we weren't able to do it this year. It was a lot of fun! xo

Claudia Cifuentes :

Krystal, I definitely will! xo

Erin :

Congrats on your new apartment! I'd love to see pictures once you get it all decorated. And as far as that Martha movie....the preview scared the pants off me. No way I could sit through the actual movie!

Claudia Cifuentes :

Erin, I don't like scary movies at all but this one is definitely worth checking out if you can muster the courage. :) It's like a really stylish psychological thriller!

Erin :

Ohhh, no! Psychological thrillers are the worst!! :)

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