Salmon Sandwiches

If you're anything like me, deciding what to eat everyday for lunch can be really boring. Yes, I live in New York and I should have a plethora of amazing eating options but my office is in a weird location and not much delivers to us. And on top of that, ordering lunch everyday is expensive! So starting now, I am making a commitment to be better about packing my own lunch. And with recipes this delicious, I think I can really have fun with it. Yum, yum.

Images and recipe via Big Girls Small Kitchen.


Filip Demuinck :

It certainly looks nice. I would try it.


Miss Amy :

This sandwich looks INCREDIBLE! Wow, I need to try it too :) Thanks for sharing. I too, have been trying to pack my lunch more frequently. It takes planning the night before for me.... I can do it, it's just getting in the habit that's hard. I feel your pain sista!

jaclyn @ thelateafternoon :

yummm! ive never had a salmon sandwich before, but this one looks amazingly delicious!

fashionhogger :

That looks delicious; maybe a bit too much salmon for me in a sandwich, but it does make me hungry.

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