Film: An Officer & a Gentleman

This week I had some time to cozy up on my couch and pick a movie from my Netflix queue. Top of the list: An Officer & a Gentleman. Have you guys seen it?

The film is about a rebellious guy (Richard Gere) who enters Navy Flight school training and falls for a local factory worker (Debra Winger)...and it is steamy. Gere and Winger's chemistry is so believable, and to top it off, Winger is pretty much the coolest girl ever. Husky voice, amazing newsboy caps, and high-waisted fitted jeans. All the while, being easy breezy and supportive of her man in uniform. If you guys have Netflix instant play, add it to your list. A couple cheesy 80's moments happen, like slow build up clapping when the guy gets the girl, but a fun watch nonetheless. :)


Miss Amy :

I have an officer coming to visit me this weekend. SWOON! Love this post, it makes me excited!!! :)

Karina Cifuentes :

Oh nice, Amy! Have fun. :)

nadia :

Ooo I love Richard Gere! (And somehow I always get made fun of because of that ;) I will definitely check it out!

xo Nadia

Katie*Belle :

Great movie! My mom made my sister and I watch it when we were younger (partly because she has a thing for Richard Gere), and we all loved it!

Amy Rene :

it's on my instant watch queue just waiting for me to have time to watch it! soon enough, I hope.

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