Pumpkin Carving Rooftop Party

Yesterday we got together for a pumpkin carving party on the roof. It was so much fun. The weather was absolutely perfect for outdoor crafts, snacks + creepy cocktails (I made Giada's Italian Fruit Punch).

We used stencils...

Our Mom brought wine (go, Mom!)...

Our friend, Lauren, showed off her mean carving skills...

DOPT sisters concentrating....

Megan made a disco ball pumpkin...

Using my stenciling skills...

We all decided Karina's pumpkin won...

Our final products...

I think I may make this a yearly tradition. =) Happy Monday! xo!

P.S. - Afterwards I roasted the pumpkin seeds (I added fresh rosemary), and they came out so tasty!


Kattia :


I miss you guys!
You guys all look super cute carving those pumpkins!

Karina has some skills!!


Anonymous :

amazing!! wish i could have been there.


beyssa :

How lovely and wonderful. I stumbled on this and am so happy you girls look so happy! xoxox. Beyssa

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes :

Beyssa, it's great to hear from you! Thanks for checking out our blog. Hope you and your family are well! ♥

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