Have Dreamy Weekend!

Can you believe it's Friday? Sorry for a late post, but this day, week, has gone by at lightning speed. Which I'll admit, I'm pretty happy about since I'm still in the throws or organizing our new pad. Do you guys have special plans for the weekend? What about my non-New Yorkers? We've been having gloomy weather these past few days...would love to know what it's like in your neck of the woods!

Link time, baby!

Can't get enough of Claire Thomas recipes.

Since my move, I like listening to this classic song. :)

Woah! This baby treats a magazine like an iPad.

Your fall color palette.

Disclaimer: slight terrifying photo of model's foot after a month of runway shows.

Ain't this the truth!

Gia Coppola directs for Opening Ceremony. Love her!

The 9 most annoying things you can say to a single person. haha.

New Lars Von Trier movie, Melancholia, looks trippy and amazing!

Don't underestimate Michelle Williams. I adore her and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll be amazing in My Week with Marilyn. What do you guys think?

Have a dreamy weekend!

(photo via For Rainy Days)


Miss Amy :

As a forever New Yorker, but non-New Yorker at the moment..... I found myself in HOT Arizona heat, yet again. These 100 degree October days are wearing on me! We got out of town (pics on my blog) and headed North to Flagstaff, which is right outside Sedona. 7000 foot elevation, perfect temps, great trail runs, beautiful hikes. Can't ask for better weekend scenery! :)

Diana Mieczan :

That top photo is so amazing:) Hope you had a great weekend, sunshine. I also love love love Claire's recipes:) Muah

fashionhogger :

I still think Michelle Williams is a bit too thin for the Marilyn role - but they did make her face up really well. I'm excited to see the film! Hope you had a nice weekend!

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