Scott Rhea

I'm sure everyone feels this way, but I feel like I have highly imaginative dreams. Good ones and bad ones, I always struggle to find the words to describe my feeling afterward. One reccuring dream I have a lot is being immersed underwater (maybe because I grew up as a beach baby?), which I definitely have a hard time articulating. But then I came across these photos by artist Scott Rhea, and now I'm finally able to share with people what my dreams sometimes feel like! Aren't they super dreamy and amazing?

(Photos via Scott Rhea)


Ana Degenaar :

Amazing stuff!

Eliza Jane :

Wow, these photos are stunning!

Cat :

Ohhhhh, these images are hauntingly magical. Wow!

♥ Cat brideblu

ps. I have crazy dreams too!

Wander.Lust :

These images are gorgeous... I too have really vivid and intense dreams, sometimes good, sometimes bad. hopefully tonight will be all sweet dreams :) xoxo

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