Have a Dreamy Weekend!

(photo via Ribbons & Rust)

This weekend Charlie and I are going camping with Rachel and Darren. We're driving up super early tomorrow morning (7 a.m. brutal) to Harriman Park, and plan to do some non-rigourous day hiking, grilling (I want to make this!), bloody mary drinking, and overall relaxing:) I love taking short weekend getaways because you really end up enjoying every single moment.

Do you guys have any fun weekend plans? Would love to know!

Link time...

Have you seen this kid dancing to Madonna in the 90's? Incredible.

Wanted: J. Crew bikini

Download the Book Report summer guide 2011!

Loving this peaceful print

Cute faux bangs!

Have a dreamy weekend ♥


Chapstick Fanatic :

umm that video is AMAZING! I am definitely sharing this on my sunday links. have fun camping!


Ana Degenaar :

Beautiful stuff! I am clicking away!

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