Evening Snack: Lychees

Have you tried Lychees before? Until recently I had only had them in martinis, but they're quite yummy on their own. Native to China, lychees can occasionally be found here in the U.S. as they are also harvested in places like South Florida. Refreshing and sweet, they make a great snack. I bought some in a market in Chinatown, but you can also buy them here. xo

(Photo via Steamy Kitchen)


Chapstick Fanatic :

they look yummy. i have never seen them at any of the grocery stores here though.


Ana Degenaar :

I wish I could find them here, they would be a nice snack. sigh

Sandy :

i LOVE exotic fruits and veggies, and lychees are right at the top. just wondering, are they difficult to peel/prep?

Claudia Cifuentes :

Sandy, they're super easy to peel. You bite into the thin shell (or crack open with your fingers) and it splits in two. I think it's fun, especially while watching tv! If you have patience for things like shelled pistachios you'll enjoy shelled lychees.

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