To Cut or Not to Cut: That is the Question


OK. So I have to share that I have been sort of tempted to cut my tresses recently. Maybe it's the New York humidity that has left me up in arms in a "I give up!" stance. But also, anytime I see a cute girl with a short do, I'm on the verge of pulling a Demi Moore in G.I. Jane (well, maybe not that drastic!)

The oh-so lovely model Carmen Kass has recently sported her new short cut. And I think her stylish new look might be enough to put me over the scissor edge!

What do you think of this look?

**disclaimer: my feelings to make impulsive hairstyle decisions do change frequently. So I may very well love long hair next week. But I do love this look! Choices, choices. :)

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youniform :

cut cut...!!!! try to change....

Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Eek! So tempting! We shall see... ;)



Anonymous :

I like the look! I have been tempted to go really short many many times, but in the end I never do it - but I still haven't given up on the idea :)

Dreaming of Palm Trees :

I haven't given up either! But taking the leap can be hard. Will keep you all posted!


Dreaming of Palm Trees

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