The Canadian Suit


I've gone back and forth with this look many times. I love wearing a denim shirt, and I adore wearing comfy jeans. But how does one mix the two together to make the perfect modern day take on the Canadian Suit? Well, from my extensive research (ehem, Google images) what I found is key on perfecting this look is not wearing all one wash. And, I think it helps not wearing denim that's too tight. The slouchy denim look is what will set you apart, even better if combined with killer heels. ;)

How would you wear this look?

(Image courtesy of Denimology)


Silver Strands :

Love it. I saw a similar outfit on cupcakes and cashmere. Although I'm not really a denim person, I think it looks great on a lot of people.

Your blog is adorable! Glad I stumbled upon it!

Dreaming of Palm Trees :

Thank you, Silver Strands!


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