Our "After the Wedding" Film Trailer!

Words cannot express how excited we are to share our trailer for our film, "After the Wedding." Maybe ecstatic hand gestures would suffice, but you'll have to trust us!

But remember, this is just our trailer. In order for us to make "After the Wedding" a reality, we need to reach our fundraising goal on Kickstarter - only 15 days to go...will you help get us there?

And for our fellow bloggers who want to re-share our trailer and film, feel free to embed to your blog and share our Love Badge!

The Cifuentes Sisters


Roberta :

Thank you for your comment!!
The trailer it's great!
Trying to download an image for you support.. but it doesn't work.
I'll try it later..
Good luck!!
Have a good weekend!

Lisamarie :

The trailer is great!!! Where/how will I be able to see the movie?

Brooklyn Baby Social :

Congratulations on the film! I'll embed in my blog for sure. Can't wait to see it! I hope you'll have a Brooklyn viewing!! All the best, Heather

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