Have a dreamy weekend!

When my sisters and I first embarked on this "After the Wedding" Kickstarter journey, we had no idea how many highs and lows we would experience. But we watched others campaign their projects with successful outcomes, so we felt the groundwork was already being laid down for us and we had to take advantage of it.

We kicked off our campaign…and our hearts started to pound. We watched our emails intently, wondering if we what we were doing would work. We each took turns talking the other one out of a hysterical "What if we don't make it?" fit to which the other would reply "We're going to make it. Now snap out of it!" I'll admit, there were times when I felt uncomfortable asking people to support "my passion," when I have done little to support theirs. And then there's the money thing -- asking people for it, which in our household growing up was a "no no." But then, something amazing happened… the support started to trickle in and at that point, there was no looking back since people were now rooting for us.

We have been overwhelmed with friends + family, and even people whom we've never met, who feel the same passion as we do to make this little indie become a reality. In a lot of ways, this has become something bigger than us. Its taken on so many dimensions and now a large part of what we're doing is trying to show others that anything is possible. All you need is pure imagination. :) If you don't act on a dream, then you'll never know what you're capable of doing. And ultimately, our goal is not just to make "After the Wedding" but to open the doors for other independent filmmakers and all types of businesses, to feel they are not at the mercy of big studios and financial institutions to make their ambitions come true.

We're biting our nails as we have only 8 hours to go before our Kickstarter campaign is over and still have a hefty amount to raise. Some people would probably think we would have given up by now. But I can assure you, we have every ounce of optimism streaming from our fingertips as we send out our final requests for support. The truth is, it doesn't take much to support this project at all -- it's a minimum of a $1 to pledge. And if you're anything like me, I've wasted way more on meaningless things that don't have the longevity of an investment like this one.

 As we band together in these last hours of our campaign, we'd love to know more about you! What are your ambitions? Would you ever do a Kickstarter? Even if they're small in comparison, if it means something to you, then you deserve all the support people can offer. This is what we believe is building a strong community!

 Have a dreamy weekend! ♥


Ana Degenaar :

I am so happy for you three! I hope things get better and netter and that everything surpasses your expectations. Hard work deserves amazing compensation and you guys are AMAZING!

ElsaD :

Congrats for this project! :) Good luck! I'm proud of all of u! xoxo

Persis :

i love you sisters. your ambition and talent is inspiring - you will always have my support! <3 p

cloudia charters :

What a magical trio!
Glad I stumbled over here.

Friendly Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral
=^.^= > < } } (°>

nadia :

Such an inspiring post. I wish you all the best of luck. I'll be one of the many people anxiously waiting to see the end product :)

xo Nadia

Claudia Cifuentes :


Punctuation Mark :

All projects are like babies to us... Wish you the best of lucks with it! Have an amazing weekend!!!

Kattia-San Francisco My Song :

amazing post! I believe in you ladies! So amazing no matter what happens!

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