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 Our campaign is coming to a close, and we need you, dear readers, to get in our corner. :) As some of you may know, we're making a movie! It's called "After the Wedding" and it's a super sexy dramedy about a guy named Diego, who's a newlywed, and goes down to Miami to work on his novel. But when he get's there, he meets a sexy bartender named "Vanessa." Their relationship enters into all sorts of grey areas, and Diego and his wife "Mariana" are left to examine the true state of their young marriage. Oh, and there will be cool music, just watch the trailer to see what it could look like if we reach our goal. :)

As part of our ongoing series of inspiration from "After the Wedding," we're thrilled to share our dear friend Jenifour Jones super cool company, Go Get It Events, which is part of our pledge packages on Kickstarter.

Go Get It Events does everything from elaborate wedding proposals, both big and small, to all types of fun ways to celebrate special life events, including personalized songs written for your loved ones. :)

We sat down (and by sat down we mean emailed) with Jenifour and got the scoop on Go Get It Events! Along with some charming photos from her planned marriage proposals. So sweet!

What is Go Get It Events?

Go Get It Events is a romance concierge firm that creates unique events, marriage proposals, weddings and plans honeymoons and vacations.  Jenifour Jones is the original "Proposal Planner," pioneering the industry of proposal planning in 2004. 

Beyond marriage proposals, events and weddings, Go Get It Events creates romantic adventures and their well-known "film" experiences.  Jenifour Jones was named one of Modern Bride's top trendsetter's in 2007.

What's it like helping men (or women!) plan a proposal? 
It is one of the most rewarding experiences to work with a client on something so important and personal.  Because it is such a personal experience, I work very closely with the client and really get to know them and their relationship.  After the proposal,  when I have earned their trust and they get to know me and my working style - I am often asked to plan their wedding, honeymoon and then stay on as their "go-to" creative person for all of life's special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, family vacations, etc.)

Do you have a sweet story you'd like to share?  
I was once working with a guy who was about to propose.  I kept asking him if he had any special memories that we could work into the moment of his proposal.  While all of his memories were special, he couldn't recall something specific thing that he wanted to work into the actual moment of the proposal.  Then while brainstorming, he realized something he had forgotten.   On one of the first phone conversations with his girlfriend, he had seen a shooting star while talking with her.  She told him to make a wish. He did and wrote that he "hoped one day he would marry this girl."   He realized that he might still had that very piece of paper all of these years later.  He just had to find it!  So after some searching he was able to locate the piece of paper and he used it to propose.  It was incredibly sweet that he had something like this to share with her on their proposal.

Which proposals are more exciting: big and extravagant or sweet and personal?
Both are incredibly exciting.  It all depends on the personality of the person being proposed to.  If they would rather something quiet and sweet, or big and loud, it is ALWAYS exciting to see how it will play out and what will happen.

Anything you've learned from your experience doing this?
That sometimes the quiet, serious ones have the best and most creative ideas.  

What other services do you offer? 
We offer travel and honeymoon planning, wedding and event planning and create unforgettable experiences for special occasions.  We also help people with creative date ideas!

And remember to check out our fundraising campaign for "After the Wedding!" Only 4 days to go!


Jenifour Jones :

Happy to help! I will also extend this offer to help you plan an amazing and special trip or vacation for you and a loved one.

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