Eyeing these White Bensimons!

I have a pair of tan Bensimons I bought in Paris last year, which are amazingly comfortable. So much so, I wear them all the time. And living in NY, your shoes tend to get a good workout. So I'm due for a new pair and have been eyeing these white ones! I can definitely see them going with a beach outfit and summer tan. 

What's your go-to summer shoe?


The slow pace :

I love supergas! They are super cute and preppy!

Karina Cifuentes :

oh! I just looked up Supergas. I love them too! Thanks for sharing!


Loving these. They definitely have that Parisian chic aura going on. For me? I love my Olu Kai leather flip flops. Can't pry them off my feet all year long.

A stylish distraction :

I love these shoes, so chic!

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